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Stainless steel crash bar extension, BMW R1200GS

The Touratech crash bar extension (for BMW R1200GS 2013-2016) protects the delicate radiator, the fairing and even the tank of the new water boxer!

Even though BMW has fitted the radiator as closely as possible to the R1200GS, its bottom corners still protrude quite a lot. A bad drop can be all it takes to put paid to a trip – and you can expect a large bill for repairs.

The Touratech crash bar extension will put an end to annoying scratches on the fairing!
Made exclusively of strong, electropolished stainless steel, the extension will not rust. Even deep scratches are less frightening, and can simply be ground off.

Despite the impressive tube diameter, the crash bar is positioned as closely as possible and symmetrically to the vehicle axis. It has practically no effect on the lean angles or ground clearance. The crash bar extension looks as if it were a part of the motorbike.

– forces triggered by a crash or the motorbike falling over are absorbed and diverted to the specially intended points without causing any major damage.